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Univeks was established in 2011 as the Foreign Trade Company and focused on developing Turkey’s export potential. Univeks with its accumulated expertise, modern and dynamic structure and specialized
“We keep serving without shifting from our path since 1980.”
Semih Erden and Ferhan Tezcan, who turned a college friendship from 1970s into a deep companionship that re-created the miraculous candy now well known in 70 countries. After getting its patent in 1998, HLEKS accelerated innovative studies for popping candy and now HLEKS is the largest popping candy manufacturer worldwide.
The late Ali Sakir Tatveren, the founder of the company, brought the unique flavor of chestnut sugar, known as the taste of Mediterranean and European countries, to Bursa for the first time in Bursa. Ali Sakir Tatveren who was born in the monastery of Yugoslavia who learned the profession of confectionery and pastry with his father established the Kafkas Collective Company in 1930 after continuing his family career in Kars Sarikamis and the Kafkas for a while. Tatveren, who opened his first shop on Ataturk Street in Bursa, established the throne in the hearts of the people of Bursa with the support of his wife and his products. Upon the death of Ali Sakir Tatveren in 1957, his wife Nedret Tatveren and his children Alparslan, Atilla and Yuksel Tatveren were appointed to the management of the company. Atilla and Yuksel Tatveren, who took over from their father Ali Sakir Tatveren, have made significant leaps in chestnut sugar and other products for many years. In this process, Karyoka (chocolate covered chestnut candies) production was performed for the first time by Yuksel Tatveren. Kafkas, which has become a sought-after name in pastry and confectionery making, renewed its technological infrastructure to meet the increasing demand towards the 1970s. Increasing the variety of chestnut sugar in 1980s, it gave dealership outside of Bursa. In 1995, the company's structure was transformed into A.S. Kafkas becomes a well-known brand in the production of chestnut sugar thanks to the diligence in the family's small confectionery business and the quality products it produces. By conveying the secret of flavor from generation to generation in the family, a new interpretation is brought to chestnut sugar. Production by traditional methods in time turns into industrial scale production. Kafkas achieves the trust of its customers with the compliance of hygiene and quality standards of its products produced in its modern facilities. Kafkas continues its production in its modern facilities with 6500 m² closed and 12.500 m² open area in accordance with ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 22000 standards.
Eyup confectionery continues to be a pioneer in quality and quality service since 1964 in chocolate delight and confectionery products. Eyup Confectionery has always been the pioneer in the sector and
Tatlidiller Confectionery; The candy brand for a century Company founded by late Mehmet Tatlidil and his brother in 1951 at Konya was put into operation in a 9.000 m2 factory at Adana Cevreyolu with its new and modern aspect by his sons’ Celalettin and Nurettin Tatlidil brothers, who left the partnership after the death of Mehmet Tatlidil in 1990. The 65-year old company which started production with the Mevlana Candy added wine gums, bonbon, elegant, toffee, compound chocolate to its product portfolio by checking the pulse of domestic and foreign markets and by meeting their demands. We have been continuing our activity with 60 % export capacity and 40% domestic market share in our factory working with full capacity and with conscious of the customer satisfaction and the requirements of food production. Wishing to continue sweeten your mouth for centuries with our philosophy that prioritizes the new products, our active staff following the market, satisfaction of customer and product quality….
As Tafe Gida, we established a facility to introduce traditional tastes, where we make production with new, modern and cutting-edge technology. Traditional sweets, special baklavas, cookies, chocolate bars, Turkish delight, almond and pistachio marzipans are revived with our experience, knowledge and innovative ideas. We offer these unique tastes produced with raw materials supplied by the most reliable producers of our country under hygienic conditions with no additives and conforming to quality standards in special packaging. We aspire to remind you of these traditional tastes once more and bring some sweet joy into your lives. In fact, you are familiar to Tafe. The Tahincioglu Family, who entered into the food industry with tahini production in Mardin in 1926, continued its operations in Diyarbakir with the active participation of Fehmi Tahincioglu in 1952. Kent Gida established by the family in 1957 in Istanbul, received much acclamation in Turkey throughout the years with the brands it created. Fehmi Tahincioglu's experience and accumulation of knowledge in his business life starting from 1952 and integrated with Kent Gida, now introduces traditional tastes to you in Tafe Gida. We have ISO 22000 and Halal certificates.
One of the brave and innovative companies of Turkey, Solen takes solid steps towards the future with the strength it takes from its brands. Dealing with its every business throughout its 29 years of history full of firsts with the target of being a global player in the region and the world in its mind, Solen has reached important successes in the international markets with its brands such as Amada, Milango, Ozmo, Luppo, Lokkum, and Nutymax. Placing always the human being in the focus of business, Solen offers its over 200 products in the categories of snacks, children's products, souvenirs and treats to consumers of all ages on the racks of over 100 countries. Making a difference in every business it does passionately and never compromising on its values while doing this, Solen makes production with almost 2 thousand employees in its facilities in Gaziantep and Istanbul. Having its name written at the top levels of all lists of its sector in both Turkey and the world, Solen ranks 54th in the Candy Industry TOP 100, which is one of the most important confectionery lists of the world. Solen, which has offices in America, Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia and regional managements in the Levant Region, Canada and Latin America, has lastly established Solen USA.
KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, has started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul. KUTLU chocolate has made production in totally hygienic and natural conditions with the vision of regional leader by creating difference from its competitors in sector. KUTLU chocolate is commercializing its products which are produced appropriate to AB standards by using the newest technology in many different countries ranging from Turkey to ABD. Work discipline of KUTLU chocolate combines expectations of customers with trends in the world by considering conditions of marketing. KUTLU chocolate leads applying new trends in Turkey. KUTLU chocolate is sensitive to consumers, environment and employees and produces products in high quality. The reason behind the quality of KUTLU chocolate’s products depends on sensitivity in production. KUTLU chocolate, that defines “Achievement is not a coincidence.”, had started to produce chocolate with squad who are experts in production, selling and marketing departments since 2012 in Istanbul.
Aysultan Candy Company established at 1970, continues its production without compromising the quality with 10.044 m2 outdoor and 4.000 m2 closed area since 1995. In the last 49 years, Our company has become a very important the brand in the sector with quality and reliability by institutionalized and evolved. Aysultan as a firm haved big objectives in the field of confectionery production, provide professional production with a variety of products from hard lolipop candy to chocolate. Aysultan Candy Company with a strong infrastructure and product experience for many years, include innovation into the confectionery industry, continues production under Aytop brand in accordance with the Turkish food codex. Our product formulation, appreciated by consumers in a short period of time and approved in compliance with taste, is controlled continuously with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 food standarts. We based our goal on producing healthy, stable and consistent the same flavor quality products. In this respect, by never compromising our principle of high qualty production and by continuously improving and renewing ourselves, we knew that we were at your side with our tasty products. Aysultan Candy Company has chosen as its target to become a global brand with continued stable growth Because It is important for us"unconditional customer satisfaction".